Kwanjang / Chief Instructors

According to international convention, a Taekwon-Do instructor should be an adult, 4th degree black belt or higher, with appropriate qualifications (e.g. International Instructor's Course Certificate, Umpire A Certificate), and posses an up-to-date plaque / charter (i.e. international school affiliation). In SATI, these chief instructors are referred to as kwanjang. 

In schools where a school instructor does not yet have the appropriate certification, the school owner should petition a SATI-recognised kwanjang to act in this capacity. The kwanjang functions as a contact for technical advice and guidance, and oversees administrative functions that requires a 4th Dan or higher, such as providing an international plaque/charter serial number that is needed for black belt promotions, etc. 

The current kwanjang recognized by SATI are: 

  • Kwanjangnim Sean Cremer (4th Dan)
  • Kwanjangnim Sanko Lewis (5th Dan)
  • Kwanjangnim Karel Wethmar (5th Dan)

All kwanjang automatically serve on the Techincal Committee. 

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